st louis 1An avid reader of this blog already knows how proud I am of my Missouri heritage. I’ve posted about my summers at the Lake of the Ozarks, and when I’ve come home to St. Louis for the holidays. And who could forget that birthday party I had at the Blasberg Family Farm, and these Polaroids that Karlie gave me as a birthday present? So, with the holiday wrapped and as I look back at the pictures of my most recent stay in the family homestead, I’ve realized this most recent trip wasn’t about my favorite St Louis hotspots. No, I didn’t make it to Steak N Shake or Pasta House or Plaza Frontenac or Forest Park or the Science Center. I have a new muse back in Missouri: Little Will, my year-and-a-half year old nephew and god son. He’s blonde and blue eyed and adorable and can get by with everything. Mark my words: I’m going to spoil the shit out of this kid! And while I was home I took about a gazillion pictures of the little heart breaker. I will throw in some scenic shots and a picture of me in front of a wall of reindeer for good measure, but this year it’s all about this guy. Isn’t he perfect?

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Captions, from top: Will in a box on Christmas morning; Will continues his Christmas terrorizing; the sun set at Uncle Fred’s farm in Hillsboro; Christmas dinner at my friend Maria’s house, which has not changed since we first became friends in kindergarten; Will looking up to me; Will on the box; my mother with Monster and my Monster sweater; the sun rise at Uncle Fred’s farm in Hillsboro; Will still in the box