The Victoria’s Secret fashion show is one of my favorite things on earth. There, I said it. And not because I’m particularly impressed by boobs. Though, I will say, the bodies in that fashion show defy grafity and all logical thinking. (And they should. As a friend of a few angels, I know how hard they work to get their bodies in VS show shape.) And in the past I’ve done fun videos with these ladies. I’ll never forget the time that Candice Swanepoel worked me out moments before she hit the runway. So this season, I asked Alessandra Ambrosio to teach me the three tricks to being an oft duty angel. They are: Sell the garment, never stop working out no matter where you are, and know how to pose. But hearing it from her pouty lips is much better than reading it here. Without further ado, here’s my video with Ale. And as a bonus, I threw in a few pics I snapped at the VS afterparty on here too. Something for you, boys!

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Captions from top: Karlie and Constance; Izabel bringing sex back; me and Alessandra Ambrosio; Lily Aldridge and Harley; the Kloss klan; Candice and Lily Donaldson; me with Jourdan and Cara