“If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” This old adage is basically how my collaboration with sophisticated e-tailer Paperless Post came to pass. An avid reader of either of my books, Classy or Very Classy, will know that one of the hallmarks of a lady is a handwritten note. (And if you’re not an avid reader of either of my books, you had better get to a book store.) Along with not making sex tapes, being punctual and never being the drunkest girl at a party: Handwritten notes, preferably on one’s own stationery, was how a lady was supposed to communicate.

Then I started getting all these Paperless Post invitations and greetings. I was annoyed at first. “Write me a damn note!” I’d think. But then I tried it a few times. And shit, it’s so much easier. They link to your schedule and you can see who’s opened them and track your RSVP’s. Voila. Easy. After all, it’s the thought that counts. And the person who receives any sort of thoughtfulness will appreciate it, right?

Anyway, there are a few things that should still be reserved for pen and paper. Like, a love note. Or a suicide note for that matter. Wedding invitations too are an opportunity to wow someone with the size of your paper stock. I should also mention that my stationery can be sent via regular post too, in a collaboration called Paper by Paperless Post. Go to their website and have a gander.

So, my friend Karlie put me in touch with her friend Josh’s friend James, who with his sister Alexa, started Paperless Post. And we hit it off. Fifty meetings later and with only minor breakdowns, my first of what I hope will be many collaborations was born. I had a good time designing them: What do all my friends want to say to each other on a birthday card, but can’t really? “You don’t look a day over whatever age you want me to tell people you are.” What do my girlfriends really think when they’re doing a baby shower for another friend of theirs? “This kid is going to need all the help they can get.” And there are party themes too: Country western, Mexican, and so forth.

My next dilemma? How do we fete this collaboration? Well, my 23rd birthday party was one of my favorites: A few days before the big day, my friend Evan lent me his parents house in Tribeca and, at a loss for how to put together a real rager in a short period of time, I thought the best way to observe my humble Midwestern roots and my East Coast ambitions would be a hot wings and champagne party. (That party ended in fun, and bad press. Page 6 wrote that someone broke out a rifle. But eh, what can you do?) We revisited that party theme for this one.

Wings from Hooters and champagne from Veuve Clicquot, all set in the majestic venue of Hogs & Heifers. Ever heard of that joint? It’s in the Meatpacking District and one of the inspirations for the cinematic masterpiece ‘Coyote Ugly.’ My friend Rebecca had the good idea to park a blue pick up truck full of hay outside the place.

I’d like to think my buddies turned up to support me, but I’m no fool. Half of them were probably desperate to finally have an excuse to check out Hogs & Heifers, and the other half came out for the free champagne. But all of them were happy with the goody bags: They got some of my stationery, a Karlie’s Kookie and even some of my very own ‘haute sauce.’ After all, if you like and you want it, put a hot wing on it.


Captions, from top: Lauren Santo Domingo, me and Elisa Sednaoui leaning on the festive pick up truck; two examples of the stationery; me and Alexa Chung in Hogs & Heifers; Karlie Kloss and her biggest little fan, Cyrus; Lily Aldridge; two of my favorite musicians, The Strokes’ Albert Hammond, Jr and The Kings of Leon’s Caleb Followill ; photographers Inez + Vinoodh with Marc Kroop; me and Giancarlo Giammetti; Courtney Love and I; Marjorie Gubelmann, Tico Mugrabi and Samantha Boardman; Nicky Hilton and Jen Brill; some of the entertainment at the venue; Fiona Byrne of the Byrne notice and Josephine de la Baum; Mickey Sumner, me and Prabal Gurung; Michael Hess and James Hirschfield; Anne Dexter-Jones, Annabelle Dexter-Jones and me; Julia Roitfeld with her friend Remi; Matthew Moneypenny and Paola Kudacki; Cynthia Rowley, Jessica Seinfeld and Karlie Kloss; Genevieve Jones and Iman; two more examples of my stationery; and another two; the night’s entertainment; the night’s bouncer; me in the corner with Courtney