Well, we’re in the homestretch of James Franco’s A Beautiful Odyssey, his short film collaboration with 7 For All Mankind Jeans. In this last phase, we get to decide if the beautiful bride, played by Elise Crombez, goes with her happy hubby-to-be or falls for a former flame. (Get in on the action, and vote here!)

When I spoke with James about this project, he surprised me with something: His appreciation for the fashion community. I always assumed it was an unwritten code for serious actors, even if they have appeared on soap operas as part of a weird art project, to act blasé when it came to the fashion industry. Even the ones that makes millions of dollars hocking fashions or perfumes often act like it’s a nuisance to have their picture taken and sit at fashion shows. But not James. “I love working with fashion people,” he smiles. “And they get really excited about these shoots too. It’s not like a normal fashion shoot where you just stand in one place and pose or hold a purse or something. They just get a chance to perform, and I like to have that dialogue and collaboration with them.” Although, let’s be honest: Who wouldn’t like a little acting advice from Mr. Franco? “The feedback I get back from models is that they love it, and that they’ve been dying to do something like this for awhile. And in most cases, they have fun embodying a character, which means I love working with them too.”

So, how did Elise do playing the part of the bride? Franco said he loved working with her, and loved shooting both endings for the film. “With what I shot there’s material for her to go with either. We shot the bride and groom being happy and being sad,” he laughs. But, what would James himself want? “I don’t think any outcome is that sinister, if you end up with someone you love.” But then he cracks a devlish grin and adds: “Now if they included my marriage of hell, it would be a little spicier.”

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