The haute couture shows are a thing of extremes. Especially this most recent season. It was some extreme weather in Paris: It was like the French had never seen snow before when the city was blanketed in a beautiful layer of the fluffy white stuff. But really, it was like they didn’t have a single plow or a bag of salt. (They probably didn’t, actually. Plows don’t work on cobblestones, and all the salt is for sure in the butter.) But in the city’s paralysis there was a new form of beauty. The other extreme of this season’s couture, of course, is the designs. As Daphne Guinness once explained to me, the haute couture is fashion’s laboratory, the upper echelon of fashion when designer’s experiment with their most grandiose and delicious ideas. And what a feast it was! Raf Simons stretched his legs at Dior, Donatella turned her eye for fluorescent to fur minidresses and Karl Lagerfeld presented two lesbian brides in his winter wonderland for Chanel. After Paris, I headed to Milan for Dolce & Gabanna’s top secret couture show for their line, Alta Moda. Pictures of that breathtaking show are embargoed and reserved only for their VIP clientele, but what a presentation! Check out some of my pictures from a decadent week.

Captions, from the top: Watching a throne with Hamish Bowles, Lauren Santo Domingo, Bianca and Coco Brandolini and Giovanna Battaglia; Carine and Karlie at Paris’ Natural History Museum; Paris in the snow; a gown in Dior’s haute couture finale; Chloe Sevigny’s kisses with Andre and me; Natalia and Antoine; watching the snow come down and the sun go up with Sean Avery; Karl at Chanel’s haute couture bow with his lesbian brides; Dita waiting for her car; Vanessa Traina with her fabulous mother, the novelist Danielle Steele; Lily at the Berlutti presentation; me and kid sister Karlie; Petey and Harry Brant with Kristen McMenemy at the Versace dinner; Giambattista Valli at his dinner; Mary Charteris in Harry’s Balmain jacket; Tallulah and Laura at Chanel; Lindsay and Andre at Le Baron; Julien, my fashion week buddy; a leggy look at Jean Paul Gaultier’s haute couture show; Bianca, Coco, Domenico Dolce and Lauren in Milan; Carlos and Mira; Eugenie in the Woody Allen suite at Le Bristol; me and some fabulous Versace boots; Queen Giovanna takes a couture nap.