New York in January is a magical time. Sure, it’s freezing and there’s a certain post holiday melange. But it’s also a pretty dead time when there isn’t too much going on, socially speaking. No obligatory work get togethers or boring store parties. Maybe that’s why the dinner I did for my friend, the London designer Jonathan Saunders, and the website turned out to be so much fun. It was unnecessarily and unplanned festivities. Everyone was, well, they were up for it, especially my St. Louis sister Karlie Kloss and my partner in crime Cara Delevingne. (Though, I should ask: When isn’t Cara up for it?) We had cocktails and dinner at the Lion, and then on a whim traipsed over to the Meatpacking District where — as the Manhattan nightlife gods would have it — the ice rink at the Standard Hotel was still open. Leigh Lezark and Harley Viera Newton were spotted stars on ice, and I discovered that despite suffering weak ankles as a child, I’m not bad on thin ice. When that closed, luckily before anyone got seriously harmed, we headed upstairs to the Top of the Standard for a nightcap. And, apparently, some good times with Taylor Tomasi’s crutches.

Captions, from the top: Stars on ice: Leigh, me, Cara, Jonny, Harley and Fiona Byrne at the Standard Ice Rink; Jonny, Cara (wearing what turned out to be a very popular ‘Ain’t No Wifey’ stocking cap ) and me in the back of a cab; funny faces with the youngest Delevingne; Harley and Leigh at the dinner table; Maggie Betts and V’s Sarah Cristobal; VF’s Jessica Diehl and WSJ’s Kristina O’Neill; Taylor and Hayley Bloomingdale keeping Cara behind glass; Karlie and me; Cara and Jonny; Leigh and Harley on ice; Jonny abusing a temporarily handicapped Taylor (it ended as one of those kinds of nights)