As anyone who has ever invited me to dinner, let me stay at their house, or spoiled me with a particularly thoughtful persent will tell you: I love a handwritten note. And not just a thank you note. I’ll send birthday cards and congratulations notes and love letters and anything else that involve a paper and pen when the mood strikes me. I still send postcards. When I’m bored and in a hotel room I’ll send a doodle from the complimentary stationery. But I know I’m in the minority here. That’s what inspired me to do the Derek Blasberg for Opening Ceremony stationery line. Now, all my friends who say they should send more letters but don’t have the time don’t have an excuse. This is the easiest, most fun, most rewarding way to send a thoughtful, handwritten personal letter. HOW EASY IS IT? I put together the above video with the fine folks at Opening Ceremony to show off just how simple and sweet it is to send one of my form letters. The recipient here is Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge who just got knocked up with the next generation of Brit royals.


Speaking of my stationery line, before the holidays I did a little tea party at the infamous St Regis Hotel in New York to celebrate its debut. Now, throwing a midday champagne-fueled tea party the week before Christmas in midtown New York wasn’t probably the easiest fete I’ve put together. But I was more than pleased with the turnout: All of my Classy-iest girlfriends, including the girl on the cover of my books, Byrdie Bell, all turned out for the fete, as did a few of my favorite gentlemen. Shout out to Giancarlo Giammetti who moved around his departure to Rome to swing by looking suave.

This was no ordinary cocktail party, either. Meaning that everyone was encouraged to not only nibble on adorable tea sandwiches and shotgun a few champagne punches, but also actually send the letters. Cynthia Rowley sent Alexa Chung a love note; Jessica Hart sent me a thank you note; Katie Lee and Elettra Weidemann sent letters to their Mom’s; Jamie Tisch and Samantha Boardman took home extra pieces of stationery to give their kids. That’s right, it’s good for kids too! (Go to the Opening Ceremony website now to buy the stationery for yourself, your kids or a loved one.) And in the meantime, check out some shots from the St Regis.

Captions, from top: Alexa, Cynthia and me in front of the punch bowls, where we spent much of the evening; Hilary writing a note to her Mum; Constance and Trish; Su and Olivia from Opening Ceremony, the two girls who were really responsible for executing my vision in the most amazing way; RJ at the desk; Katie Lee and Elettra; David Smith, my most handsome friend; Harley being a good girl; Giancarlo and Petey; Alexa is a man magnet, with Jordan, RJ, me and Dorian; fashion icons Stephen Gan and Carlyne Cerf; Harry and Petey; Luisa, the guest of honor; a very stiff party patron; Leigh, Albert, Alexa, me and RJ feeling a little party fatigued after the festivities.