My love affair with stationery isn’t newfound. Even when I was a child, it was common for me to turn around thank you notes for Christmas and birthday presents within 24 hours. (Though, full disclosure: in the beginning, that was under distress. My mother wouldn’t let me play with said presents until I had written my gratitude. But it stuck.) Today, I’m the kind of the handwritten letter. I collection stationery almost on a hoarders level, and I’m probably one of the few people who still send postcards when traveling, even during fashion week. And lets not forget that in my books ‘Classy’ and ‘Very Classy,’ I preached endlessly that touching personal correspondence was the true hallmark of a lady.

So it’s with a real sense of pride that I can announce the Derek Blasberg for Opening Ceremony stationery line. The idea is pretty simple: I have provided an easy (and dare I say extremely entertaining) form letter that anyone can personalize and dash off for a very memorable, endearing effect. With amusing fill-in-the-blank and multiple choice options, t’s fun for both the sender and the recipient. Don’t believe me? Well, the charming Irish lass Fiona Byrne of the fabulous and fashionable blog The Byrne Notice and the idea to ask a few of our mutual friends to complete the stationery. Here’s what we came up with: Alexa Chung sending a love note to Santa Claus, Nate Lowman sending a thinking of you note to Death, Carlos Quirarte sending a thank you note to his friend Wes, Jessica Hart sending a baby letter to her friend Kirsten, Harley Viera Newton sending a holiday letter to her partner in crime Cassie Coane, Chrissie Miller sending a romantical note to her boyfriend Leo Fitzpatrick, and Cory Kennedy writing an anniversary card to some feline friends. (I think. Cory is a little weird.) For the sake of amusement, I jumped on the bandwagon too, sending a holiday note to Barack Obama and a baby letter to Kate Middleton. The White House and Buckingham Palace are the only addresses I know off the top of my head.

For more on the stationery, check out the Opening Ceremony site. The sets are available at Opening Ceremony stores, but if you can’t wait you can order them online RIGHT NOW. (Yes, please!)