Ah yes, the toggle coat. Outerwear has always been an my favorite part of winter dressing. For some it’s the perfect pashmina or quirky mittens. But for me, it’s the top layer. In fact, I can remember being the world’s most obnoxious sixth grader when my mother refused to buy me a wool pea coat from the Army Surplus store. (And she was right. When I bitched and moaned long enough and finally got one, wouldn’t you know it was an absolute lint magnet?) Blame it on my Americana obsession, but come winter I’m obsessed with preppy-influenced outerwear. This winter it’s been about the toggle coat. I scoured high and low (and by that I mean price points and uptown and downtown), so you can imagine my surprise — and my wallet’s relief — when the fine folks at Club Monaco provided this gem. It’s slim fit and only one layer of well, which means it won’t look bulky when over a sweater or jacket. Yes, that’s my biggest fear of winter dressing. The appearance of bulkiness. And bonus points for the twine fasteners and handy dandy hooding. So, that’s a present for me. Next up, what to get others. Check back next week for my holiday gift guide!