Time flies! It’s hard to believe that we’re more than halfway through October. Known what’s next? Halloween, Thanksgiving, the End of Days, Christmas and then it’s 2013. Scary. Before we move on, however, I wanted to take a moment to discuss my favorite sartorial happenings in the October issue of Harper’s Bazaar. What caught my eye this month? First and foremost, when I was cobbling this together I had the Olympics on my mind. I stood up and stared at the TV during the supermodel closing ceremonies when those British Supermodels came out. (Didn’t Kate look ridiculously amazing?) I rewound it and watched it again and again. And then I turned it off. The Olympics also introduced me to my new style crushes Missy Franklin and Gabby Douglas. I haven’t heard much from them since the Olympics, but hopefully they’re in the gym whilst their agents are getting them some good press and campaigns. My other favorite things from the end of the year: An exposed upper tummy area, and denim. In my column I talk about a backpacking trip around India I did with my friend Jacquetta Wheeler way back in 2006, and how a man we met in Rajasthan told us the sexiest part of a woman’s body was the stomach. That explains why saris don’t show much décolletage, I’d imagine. And last but not least, after talking about the London games and Indian flirtations, I wanted to talk about something nearer to home. And what’s more American than denim? My favorite person Lauren Santo Domingo rocked the Canadian tuxedo, as did Kate and Sara Blomqvist, one of my favorite models. As a boy from Missouri, nothing makes me happier than a little denim-on-denim.

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