Michael Kors, one of the night’s guests of honors and a man who just changed the future of God’s Love We Deliver, surrounded by his favorite St. Louis boys: RJ, his husband Lance and me

It’s moments like these when I feel guilty: Surrounded by the loveliest of ladies, Jess Hart, Chanel Iman and my little sis Karlie

Table 21 was where all the action was! Top row: RJ, Lyle, Jess, Chanel, Bekah and Cory; Bottom row: Me, Leigh and Karlie

Talk about a busy Monday. Last night, I had two objectives: To support God’s Love We Deliver, which was one of the first charitable organizations I heard of when I moved to New York, at their annual gala. And then head to Foley’s Bar in Midtown Manhattan to support my beloved St. Louis Cardinals. I’m happy to report back that we fulfilled the first, failed the second.

God’s Love We Deliver, a New York-based charity that delivers hot meals to those who would have trouble getting them otherwise, is located on the corner of 6th Avenue and Spring Street, conveniently located to my first ever New York address. When I was still studying at NYU, I’d accompany the Outreach group there to help prepare the meals. A few years ago, I followed Joan Rivers as she delivered the organization’s one-millionth meal. It’s an organization I believe in, and one where the results of one’s time and resources can be seen immediately. This year’s gala honored Micahel Kors, who was generous enough to give an entire table to me and my friends. Not that his generosity ended there: Before he made his acceptance speech, Anna Wintour and Blaine Trump came on stage to give the organization a check for $5million to expand the God’s Love location, which will appropriately be named the Michael Kors building. Other highlights? Ryan Murphy, who also received an award from Gwyneth Paltrow, asking Bette Midler if she’d appear on an episode Glee from the stage and in front of about a thousand people; and the touching announcement that the endearing, charming Cindy Little, who received an award for Outstanding Volunteerism, was cancer free. (Not a dry eye in the house.)

We were feeling fabulous when we left the gala. The rain had stopped, we had pledged our time and money to an organization we believed in. And so we headed to Foley’s to support our Cardinal’s. (Umm, in case you didn’t know, I’m an all out Midwesterner. Remember my birthday, anyone?) Fellow St. Louisian, Bravo’s Andy Cohen, was already there holding down the fort, but by the time we ordered our post-ball beers it wasn’t looking good: We were down by six runs and it was the eighth inning. Sports fans will already know this (because I’m sure so many sports fans read my blog): We lost. But fear not, that’s the good thing about a series! We shall rise again. Though I’m not sure we’ll be at Foley’s. We met a girl called Ashli at the bar who said that when she watches the games from her couch, the Cardinal’s always win. I’m not a superstitious man, but let’s not take any chances. Ashli, what’s your address, babes?

Marjorie and Douglas, who came to my birthday party in Missouri earlier this year (yes, have you seen the videos?) and are therefore honorary Cardinals fans

St. Louisians RJ, Andy Cohen and me surrounded by our new fellow Cardinals fans. (I was very jealous of Andy’s jacket)