So, as all of my friends will tell you, I’m a diehard Blackberry user. I love the tactile keyboard, the free BBM, and, perhaps more than anything else, I generally hate change. Especially when it comes to technology. I’d still be using a fax machine and playing Atari if I had my way. However, while I am a spoilsport when it comes to my own experiences with advances in information, I’m not entirely clueless to the advancing world around me. (Which is why I bought an iPad I never use and have AppleTV, which I never watch.) I finally got an iPhone, but exclusively for app purposes. Yes, Uber is amazing. Yes, I joined Trendabl. Yes, I now know where every Starbucks in the world is. And yes, I’ve joined Instagram. My friends at V magazine, where I’m the editor at large, fancied my Instagramming so much they’ve asked me to compile a little diary of my favorite shots. Derek’s Insta-Diary, if you will. There’s a smattering of them here, but you’ll have to click over to the website and peruse the slideshow to get the whole story with the extended captions!