Me + Dasha Zhukova = DJ Double D

That’s right, I’m coming for you Samantha Ronson and Leigh Lezark!

My friend Dasha has good ideas. In fact, she has an entire magazine called Garage that is the visual culmination of those ideas. (In addition to the magazine, she started the most important contemporary art center in Russia and is making over an entire island in the center of St. Petersburg into a museum and educational space. No big deal.) Her most recent good idea? During the New York collections, she started RadioGarage, a free, internet-only web radio show where people come and talk about, well, anything. I went on and talked about the spring trends, fashion politics and meeting Mariah Carey. Other guests have included a wide variety of folks, everyone from Martha Stewart to Giovanna Battaglia. Jefferson Hack brought a spoken word poem, Bethony Vernon gave sex tips. It’s a free for all.

Another good idea that Dasha had was for her and I to DJ at a party in Paris to celebrate the debut of RadioGarage. (I will take responsibility for coming up with the name, however.) But good ideas don’t always pan out. And it turns out that DJ’ing is, like, really hard and someone who is as easily distracted as I am cannot be burdened with such a responsibility. Not that we didn’t take it seriously. At the bottom of this post, after I throw up some pictures of some of the people who came to support my radio debut, I’m going to list some of the songs that Dasha and I played at the party. Yeah, we were pretty all over the place. Feel free to leave additional party songs in the comments because, hey, you never know, maybe I’ll DJ again. (But probably not.) And check out for the rest of Paris fashion week for more from GarageRadio.

Julia and Eugenie

Two Olivier’s: Balmain’s Olivier Rousteing and Theory’s Olivier Theyskens

Jonathan and Ronnie Newhouse with Dasha

Anna Dello Russo, who’s song ‘Fashion Shower’ needs to hurry up and get on iTunes so it’s easier for us DJ’s to play, with actual DJ Leigh Lezark

Alison Mosshart is in a band called the Kills, which sort of made my amateur attempts at music styling even more ridiculous. Here she is with Cara, who is just ridiculous

Family portraits: Rodge, Sklyer and Rachel with THE DJ Double D

Hubba hubba, fellas: Brian, Trey and Dr. Jake

Rachel and Bianca. (FYI: Bianca Brandolini just joined Twitter! Follow her at: @1bianca_b)

Me and Arizona at the new bar at Le Bristol

A random selection of DJ Double D’s greatest hits

‘Let’s Have A Kiki’ by the Scissor Sisters [Eds. note: Which would come as no surprise to anyone who reads this blog]
‘The Boys’ by Nikki Minaj and Cassie
‘How Many Licks’ by Lil Kim
‘California Love’ by Tupac
’212′ by Azealia Banks
‘Stand Back’ by Fleetwood Mac
‘Stars Are Blind’ by Paris Hilton
‘Single Ladies’ by Beyonce
‘Dick in a Box’ by Justin Timberlake
‘Barbie song’ by Aqua
‘Wannabe’ by the Spice Girls
‘Starships’ by Nikki Minaj
‘Everybody Dance Now’ by C+C Music Factory
‘Can’t Touch This’ by MC Hammer
‘The Thong Song’ by Sisqo