I knew that when I invited the Misshapes, the New York-based DJ trinity, to come to St. Louis, Missouri, I wouldn’t regret it. And, true to form, when I celebrated my birthday with a barn dance at my Uncle Fred and Aunt Tina’s barn on a few hundred acres of untouched natural Midwestern wilderness, their tunes did not disappoint. (They even got my Mom dirty dancing on several occasions.) But what came as a bonus were these videos. Leigh Lezark can spin records and create visually stimulating moving images? The lady can do it all.

First up, a video of the extravaganza, from pig roast garden party to hayride sing-a-long to the barn rave. Look out for cameo’s from Giovanna (taking Dolce & Gabbana prints to a place they’ve never been before), Karlie (working a hula hoop one  second and a Budweiser flag the next), and the Brant boys (sashaying like no one’s business). Obligatory walk off, and a few rather embarrassing Missouri moonshine-induced dance from yours truly, include: 

But the pièce de résistance? The hoedown’s special guest performance: My very own Aunt Mary, who’s childhood of baton twirling paid off in a major way when she stunned the crowd with this performance to Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’: