I don’t know why I’m only seeing the video for Madonna’s ‘Girl Gone Bad’ now, but after watching the nearly four minutes of black and white, smoky, sexually charged Pop imagery I can’t help but ask: Is this the gayest music video in history? (Which would be appropriate since, well, it’s a Madonna video.) No, really. The casting, the dancing, the boys sharing an apple: Gay, gay, gay. Let’s look at the guys she put in the video: Jon Kortajarena, Sean O’Pry and Simon Nessman, all of whom are fashion’s most in demand and top models, and thus, of course, the most appropriate homosexual eye candy. When she’s done rolling around with those boys and the camera stops panning on their lip-licking faces, it gets even gayer: Kazaky, the Ukrainian all-boys dance troupe that performs in opaque tights and high heels. (Did you see our story on Kazaky in the new issue of V? It’s pretty major.) Then there’s the gratuitous ab shots and Madonna writhing around on walls wearing kneepads. Beyond Simon, Jon and Sean, who we also see put the barrel of a gun in their mouths, and even the stilleto-ed boys, it seems there’s a tribute to Madonna’s own gay icon status with the obvious ‘Vogue’ overtones and visual references. If that’s not enough of a well-manicured pat on the back, she throws in some ‘Express Yourself’ visuals too, notably the men rolling around with chains around them. Both of those music videos were gay anthems, so it’s like she’s out-gaying herself. Which is no easy feat. Not that I’m complaining. I’ve now watched the video a few times and think it’s better every time.┬áIt’s gay. But I love it.