This wasn’t the first time I made the trip out to L.A. with Max Mara for their annual Women In Film cocktail party. As I reminisced with Nicola Maramotti, the official family ambassador for Max Mara, at a dinner at the Chateau Marmont before the festivities kicked off, I came out here six years ago to be her date to the festivities. Well, not much has changed since then: It’s still a glamorous few days in Hollywood. And she looks exactly the same. This year, they celebrated the actress Chloe Moretz, who is just as charming and adorable as they come, at a party at the Sunset Tower hotel. Here are some shots from my few days in sunny L.A.

This may very well be the most amazing picture I’ve ever been a part of. It’s me, Gia Copolla, the guy from Pretty Little Liars (which I think is a TV show or something), and, essentially, the future of Hollywood: From left, the little girl from Hunger Games (Amandla Stenberg), the little girl from Modern Family (Ariel Winter) and the little girl from Mad Men (Kiernan Shipka). Child actors in this town are so unchildlike it’s amazing.

The view from my room at the Sunset Towers. No big deal. That’s my friend Nellie Kim showing her very efficient use of the breast stroke in the pool.

The legendary and lovely Angela Lindvall came out of her Topoganga Canyon seclusion for the festivities. Fun fact: Her doctor is Chloe’s father. Which she found amusing because when she went to him he used to talk about his ‘actress daughter,’ and she would placate him. Until she realized that she was going to a party in her honor

The lovely ladies in their MaxMara finest. That’s Nicola on the far right, and not that I need to tell anyone, the adorable Chloe is in the teal second from the left

Gia Coppola, who you may remember from our fake wedding (the bride wore Miu Miu, the groom wore an Elvis costume) in Harper’s Bazaar magazine, with Atlanta de Cadenet

My former New York friend Byrdie Bell, who just moved to L.A.

Another New Yorker, Harley Viera-Newton, who has (thankfully) not moved to L.A. (yet)

I mean, who doesn’t love a Burt Bacharach spotting by the pool? (He looks really happy to have his picture taken, doesn’t he?)

No trip to L.A. would be complete without at least one hike in Runyon Canyon. It’s one of my favorite things to do, and I managed to work in two in the few days I was in L.A. One without my iPod, which I had forgotten and was thus forced to enjoy the sounds of California nature. Which in LA means helicopters, Harley’s and unrequested overheard Hollywood gossip.

Apparently, those Cole Haan fluorescent-soled shoes are making an impression on both sides of the country. Me and TeenVogue’s Andrew Bevan were wearing matching pairs at the Max Mara event

Meet my L.A. Mommy, Jacqui Getty. (Or, step-mother, if we count that marriage to her daughter Gia Coppola legal in a court of law.) I took her out for dinner since I still owed her for the impromptu birthday party she threw me at her house on my last trip to L.A.

And finally, when I was in L.A. I met the newest edition to the Mr. Blasberg fan club: My friend Dagny’s perfect little angel baby, Hazel. She was so tiny and cute I wanted to eat her like a cupcake. Congratulations Dagny and Coco!