Jane Fonda on the Cannes Film Festival red carpet wearing, from left, Atelier Versace, Stella McCartney and Roberto Cavalli

I’ve been to be the Cannes Film Festival in the past, and, to be honest, it wasn’t as glamorous as I had dreamed it would have been when I was a little boy watching it on Entertainment Tonight with my father. My strongest memories from the festival involve women in fluorescent tube dresses and creepy old men in expensive-yet-cheap-looking tuxedos arguing over who had the biggest boats and youngest girlfriends. But when I was looking at shots of the red carpet from this year’s festival, there was one thing I would have liked to have seen in person: Jane Fonda, working out some major fashions. I’m not saying she’s perfect; I’m not feeling the tiger highlight blowout and she’s giving major Nancy Reagan face in all of these of the photos. But lest we forget, Jane Fonda is an institution. That this lady survived Ted Turner, Nine to Five, Monster-in-Law, quite possibly the most politically incorrect celebrity anti-war appearances during Vietnam (when ‘Not Fonda Jane’ bumper stickers were distributed), yet she can still work a Versace number at the age of 74? I tip my hat to you. Most women in their eighth decade don’t even know who Stella McCartney is, and they’ve probably forgotten who Paul McCartney is too. But Jane Fonda is sample sized, sexy and, by all accounts from those I’ve asked, completely sane. So, Selma and Naomi and whoever else is on the Riviera right now: Take note. This is how Old Hollywood does it.