V magazine is a rewarding place to work for a variety of reasons. But the best is probably the access and possibility of collaboration with some of the most important artist and image makers currently working today. In the March issue of the magazine, which was inspired by the beauty of athletics, I had one of these opportunities when I teamed up with the artist Marilyn Minter on a fashion story.

I don’t mind admitting that my earliest exposures to Minter’s work were in the fashion arena. The images she took for Tom Ford and Tamara Mellon when she was at Jimmy Choo are still some of my favorite fashion campaigns to date. It was through those pictures I became more familiar with her artwork, which is bold, sweaty and sexual. So when we were brainstorming about stories for our March issue, she was the first person to came to mind. And, wouldn’t you know it, she said yes.

On set, Marilyn was fun, easy and fabulous. She was hardly broody, and nary a difficult moment. She always wanted more, more, more! More skin, more sweat, more muscle, more jewelry. She was constantly spritzing the body builder we had booked for the shoot, and constantly steaming the Plexi-glass she uses in her studio. She lives and works in the same space, just a few blocks from our V office in Soho. It’s a constant hub of creativity.

It was a quick, easy day, and we loved the resultant pictures. What I love about much of Marilyn’s work is that she’s not afraid to portray something as bold, strong, and in-your-face. But there’s always a feeling of sexuality about it, which is important. And which I hope we included here.