I remember, when I first moved to New York City and had just convinced myself I was a hardcore East Coaster, I used to despise Los Angeles. I didn’t like to drive, and I thought the locals had skin that was too dark and teeth that were too bright. But, my goodness, how have things have changed in the past ten or so years! Now I found Southern California utterly seductive. Maybe that’s because I’m older and have begun to miss the luxuries I took for granted when I was growing up in Missouri, like access to green grass and even driving (which I’ve actually grown to miss, even if I’m a parking ticket magnet). I’m just coming off one of the most wonderful West Coast excursions, which started with a birthday party for the lovely Samantha Traina, and included trips to the beach, dinners with West Coast expats, and even a little birthday party for myself. Something that has definitely made that town more enjoyable for me has been that I have actual friends there now; women like Rosetta Getty, who was my hostess for the mostest, and Jacxqui Getty, who threw me the sweetest birthday dinner. I didn’t want to leave. But at least took some pictures to remember it all.

Sunset in Malibu. Which some people were calling The Bu. Which I thought was ridiculous. Until I started doing it.

Necessarily canine extravagances in The Bu

Happy Birthday to ME!

Robin Baum with my West Coast birthday hostesses Jacqui Getty and Lisa Eisner

Kelly Sawyer with Pamela Skaist-Levy and Gela Nash-Taylor, the founders of Juicy Couture and the recently launched Skaist-Taylor

Rachel with Momma Zoe. And now you know where she gets her penchant for a red lip and sparkled accessories

Two of the nicest mean people I know: Sean Avery and Nellie Kim

Gia Coppola, Jacqui’s wonderful and fabulous film director daughter, sharing a furry moment with Kelly

Me and Milla

Kirsten wearing Nelli’s mens Dolce & Gabbana jacket, and looking super chic while she’s doing it

Being the proud father of a wiener dog (did you see my new document holder inspired by Monster?), I thought this was the cutest billboard I had ever seen. Until I actually read it. What, exactly, does a daschund have to do with STD’s? Hmm?

My recently married friend Dagny used to be my partner in crime in New York. Now look at her: Moved to California and got knocked up. Another one bites the dust.

I wasn’t the only temporary transplant in LA. Theory’s Olivier Theyskens was in town too, and organized a wonderful little dinner at (where else?) the Chateau Marmont. Here he is with Lisa

Frankie Rayder, left, and Lily Donaldson, right, with a friend at Olivier’s dinner

My beloved Lauren Santo Domingo came into town too, to host a party for Claiborne Swanson’s book “American Beauty” with her online fashion venture, Moda Operandi. The USC graduate used to live in LA, which is probably why her blonde always looks so fabulous.

On my last night in LA, there was, appropriately, a party for The Last Magazine. Here are the handsome founders of that lovely publication, Tenzin and Magnus, at their dinner at MILK Studios.