NOTE; This is not a Christmas carol. This is not a family song either. It should only be listened by those with an open mind to ethnic subversive pop music with graphic language. So, there, you’ve been warned.

Perhaps it’s because fashion people find it so innately enjoyable to tell their coworkers, the people they spend all day and all night with on this month-long circus that is the collections, “Imma take that bitch to college / I’m gonna give that bitch some knowledge.” We do, after all, love to tell people what to wear, how to act, and what’s in and what’s out every season. Regardless, this has officially the song that has been in my head since it debuted on the Rick Owens catwalk yesterday. And it’s spread like wildfire: It’s the anthem in the Harper’s Bazaar car, the V magazine team knows every single word, Vogue Japan’s Anna Dello Russo just likes saying the word “bitch” over and over again, and W magazine’s Edward Enninful will sing it to complete strangers. (He’s good like that.) So, happy listening, kids.