Yes, here it is ladies and gentlemen who dress like ladies: The third series of the “Sh*t Fashion Girls Say” franchise, which this time was filmed during New York fashion week. And it’s a doozy. What I find so remarkably amusing about these videos is how spot on and accurate they actually are. While I may not have uttered any of the things that are said on this video (fine, that’s a #lie), I have definitely heard more than a few of my fashion friends say them. All of them, actually. Even the “off duty my booty” bit.

My involvement in the video happened the way all good things happen in the modern world. Via Twitter. The fine folks at The Platform Tweeted at me and asked if I would be up for a cameo. Who was I to say no? I was only too happy to share some camera time with Patrick Pope, the gregarious and bearded gentleman who plays P’Trique, the materialistic and ridiculous bearded woman, in the series. It was quick and easy, and filmed at the Bowery Hotel; it took about 15 minutes, two glasses of champagne, and three handfuls of cured meats. (What? It was fashion week. And I totally hadn’t eaten between Alexander Wang and Altuzzara. Wait, is that another “Sh*t Fashion Girls Say”?)

And in case you were wondering, yes, we were actually taking pictures of ourselves on our mobile communication devices. (Mine, the new Samsung Galaxy Note, is much bigger than Patrick’s. Not that I’m a size queen or anything.) And yes, taking pictures of yourself is definitely something that Fashion Girls say. Or maybe you haven’t seen my narcissistic New York fashion week doodles yet. And, for the previous two “Sh*t Fashion Girls Say” videos, click HERE and HERE.