While we certainly cannot blame street style photographers for the unavoidable pre-fashion show wait time (the term ‘fashionably late’ has been around since Tommy Ton was in diapers), I will say it seemed there was a rather long lag time at a few shows between when we take our seats and the show begins. Not that I’m complaining: I love a street style blogs as much as the next fashion obsessed person, so these chic young ladies had better stay out there and pose for as many pictures as the want. Besides, we editors are a resourceful people when it comes to sitting around and amusing ourselves. (Ever been on a fashion shoot? There’s a lot of wait time.) In past few seasons, as we’ve whiled away the minutes before a show begins, we’ve found a few things to do: Update our Facebook status, Tweet our faces off, and, for those of feeling old school, actually speak to the other people in the room. But, this season I developed a new fashion week time killer: Doodling on my Samsung Galaxy. There’s this feature when you can edit, drag and write on images that you’ve already taken and stored in your phone. What started as a hobby, however, emerged into an obsession. While I don’t think these are exactly Warholian scribbles or Turner Prize-worthy artistic feats, here are a few of my favorite doodles from the shows in New York. Well, here are the ones that aren’t offensive or inappropriate. (What is it about fashion people that our immediate instinct is to draw something profane and use such naughty language?)

Let’s start with my New York fashion week diet. It’s pretty pathetic, isn’t it?

I met Leigh Lezark at the Jeremy Scott afterparty, where she and her Misshapes cohorts were DJing, and she was on fire. Literally. I had  to wake up very early the next morning for the Ralph Lauren show, which wasn’t so fun to do. But doing this doodle while we waiting for the show to start sure was.

It’s best when you’re from the Midwest.

Who doesn’t love a fashion week carbohydrate?

I had lunch with Olivier Theyskens at Pastis at the end of fashion week, and it turns out he’s a big Nicki Minaj fan. Who knew?

Calvin Klein brought out some big guns. (Or, in Lara’s case: huge guns.)

My poor puppy gets neglected during fashion week.


You basically see the same people every single day of fashion week, which is a good thing when they’re good folks like these: Stevie Chaiken works with me at V, Giovanna and Elisa have become ‘fashion wives’ for me, and there is no one who can put a smile on my face like Alexa and Tennessee. I was also obsessed with this amazing Time magazine cover, and have a new crush on Patrick Pope, who is the star of the “Sh*t Fashion Girls Say” franchise. I made a cameo in the most recent video, which you can see HERE

When I was in Las Vegas with Chanel earlier this year, I married Gia Coppola, who lives in LA, while wearing an Elvis costume. It’s a long story. But I was happy to reunite with her after the Proenza Schouler show.

A (failed?) attempt at being witty.

I was running around all day on Valentine’s Day, so had to grab them as they came. Here’s a fellow Midwesterner, RJ King. (But don’t worry, Mom, you’re still my favorite. Never forget when I immortalized our Valentine-ness in this VIDEO.)

Here is some blogger bait, finally in their seats!

Cecilia Dean, one of the most stylish and avante garde women I know, runs the Visionaire empire from this perch.

I. Am. Obsessed. With. These. Shoes. (I knew befriending Charlotte Dellal 10 years ago when we were both still students in London would pay off one day…)

Oh, I hope he doesn’t kill me for this: The lovely Sam Broekema, who works with me at Harper’s Bazaar, was giving me a major camel coat look outside of the Oscar de la Renta show.