My last name has been an endless source of entertainment for my German friends for years. Loosely translated, Blasberg means “mountain the blows.” (So, yeah, now you see why my relatives moved to America so many generations ago.) Since it’s so expensive and tedious to change one’s name, I’ve since learned to embrace it. The fine folks at Nike certainly helped me on that mission with this jacket STADIUM MFG, a bespoke service that offers customization on a selection of Nike Sportswear icons. This is the NSW Destroyer Jacket.

The back of the jacket is a specially designed Blasberg logo, complete with those mountains that like to get blown so much. Not that the designs stop there; on the front of the jacket is a patch in the shape of my home state, Missouri, but printed in (my favorite color) leopard skin. On one of the pockets is one of my favorite sayings: “The jig is up.” It ain’t cheap (the jackets cost $680), but if you’re looking to upgrade your tried and true letterman’s jacket look, it’s a seriously chic option.

STADIUM MFG is located at Bowery Stadium:  276 Bowery Stadium, NYC