This past spring, Michael Kors asked me if I would be willing to follow him around while he celebrated his 30th year in business. It was a no brainer: Michael is one of my favorite American designers, and posses a sense of humor that is just as remarkable as his design aesthetic. (If you’re ever bored, ask him to tell you the story about interviewing Elizabeth Taylor. Or, actually, ask him to tell you any story.) The resulting video was a fitting 30th anniversary tribute to all things Kors. I followed him backstage at his fashion show during New York fashion week, where Bette Midler sang him an anniversary ditty; we went for drinks at the Carlyle Hotel, where Rene Russo reminisced on the costumes Michael did for Thomas Crown Affair and Debra Messing was misty eyed when described her generous friend; and finally, we headed to Paris for a fabulous seated dinner at the US Ambassador to France’s Paris residence. As if it couldn’t get any better, Mary J Blige performed.